Community Development

Momentous has significant experience and a track record of creating meaningful change and addressing the needs of the local communities around our projects. These include facilitating community ownership of our projects; creating employment from our local communities; facilitating education from early childhood to education at leading universities; and incubating and developing sustainable businesses as a result of our plants and projects.

Community Ownership in our Projects

Momentous facilitates community ownership and governance in our plants and projects. Momentous has founded, established and facilitated financing for the Momentous Foundation Community Trust, which is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, for local community ownership.

Skills Development

We ensure knowledge transfer of technologies implemented in our projects. Outcomes-based training is facilitated through our subject experts and accredited academic partners. Our learnership and apprentice programmes allow for skills development. 

Job Creation in the Local Communities

Jobs are created from the local communities  through constructing, operating, and maintaining these projects. This is facilitated through our skills development programmes. These upskilled employees assist in constructing these plants and are employed to operate and maintain our plants.  

Socio-Economic Development through Education

Our focus is to facilitate access to education, as a catalyst for sustainable long-term development. Education support is provided thought all development stages, from early childhood, primary school, secondary school, and to tertiary levels. The aim of our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Projects is to ensure that young children who attend our ECDs are prepared for learning in a safe and conducive environment. We have established new ECD centres and renovated existing ECD centres, while continually supporting these centres through renumeration and training for the teachers and meals for the children. Many children have graduated from the facilities with a stronger foundation for education. 

We support local schools around our projects that are typically subject to vandalism, theft, and neglect. Through revamping the infrastructure, we provide a favourable and safe environment for learning. Additionally, we support the School Educators and Principals with management and communication skills. Through our initiatives, we achieved the remarkable feat of producing the highest-achieving matriculant in the province. As a result, we proudly extended our support to this exceptional student to study engineering at one of the top universities in South Africa. 

We also support the areas in which our students live through welfare, infrastructure improvement and healthcare for the families and workers in the community.

Preferential Procurement, Supplier and Enterprise Development

Momentous Business Incubation and Support Programme entails entrepreneurship training, and start-up mentorship post training to prepare candidates for succeeding in their own businesses or work.

Our Supplier Development Programme, entails identifying and developing local suppliers for our own projects and plants, and well as supporting small youth and black-women owned enterprises grow their businesses.

Preferential procurement for our plants and projects, is from local suppliers, qualifying small enterprises, black with disability, youth, and women-owned vendors.   

Local Content and Localisation

Momentous has partnered with research and development institutions to support developing the renewable and battery industries in South Africa. Through our international networks and partnerships, we facilitate technology transfer. We promote natural localisation services from the areas closest to site, such as for our civil and electrical installation work. Technology localisation is also developed for local procurement of equipment and accessories required to build our plants.  

New Early Childhood Development Centre financed, built and managed in collaboration with the Momentous Foundation Community Trust in Marikana, Rustenburg