Momentous Energy’s focuses on renewable energy derived from solar photovoltaic generation technology and integrating battery energy storage systems to provide clean energy.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Generation
Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology transforms light from the sun into electricity. Solar PV is trusted and proven technology. Solar PV provides clean, cost-effective energy on a flexible modular basis. It is a key generation technology for our energy transition away from fossil fuel. Momentous Energy has strategic partnerships with leading original equipment manufacturers for Tier 1 Solar PV modules, with international certifications. Another core component of the system is the mounting structures (fixed or tracker), power conversion and management systems. The systems are designed to optimize cost and long-term performance.
Battery Energy Storage Systems Energy Storage
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) use lithium-iron phosphate technology to store energy, which is then distributed when required. BESS is integrated into the generation and distribution infrastructure, which adds capacity to the grid. A Battery Management System controls and monitors the battery cells, racks and system. The system is integrated with the Power Conversion Systems (Direct Current to Alternating Current). The Energy Management System manages the distribution of energy from the system to the grid network. Safety, particularly fire safety, is critical to the design and operation of these systems. Momentous Energy has effective project, safety, health, environmental, quality and risk management practices for the design, logistics, construction, integration and commission of these systems.
Energy is supplied directly to the client’s facility, on the client’s side of the electricity meter. This is defined as behind the meter. This can be done when the power plant is near to or on the client’s facility.

Energy is distributed using the existing national transmission infrastructure and does not require the plant to connect directly to a client. This is called Wheeling.

Into the grid
The energy is distributed directly into the national transmission and distribution network.